Twenty years ago Francisco Pereda introduced in his company changes in land management and plantation techniques. The company went through a radical transformation, switching from traditional agriculture to a new organic treatment of the crops. These changes required capital investment and the commitment and professionalism of the company employees. It has always been very clear to Mr. Pereda that the success of his company in becoming a leading organic grower relies on the hard work of their people.
This was the reason that encouraged him to create Miska, a new company whose employees are business partners. Mr. Pereda owns 40 % of the company shares and the remaining 60 % is divided among the employees. In this way, everyone feels part of the company, because they are, in fact, part of it.
Since their creation, Miska has been producing, processing and exporting organic grains and specialties with excellent results and it is definitely well on the way to reach a leading position in organic agriculture.